Dielsdorf, Switzerland

INEOS Automotive

Headed straight for open terrain

You can smell its suitability for the great outdoors. Leather. Rustic-style oak. Anthracite and stainless steel. The INEOS showroom takes you directly into trackless territory. Since 2022, the ‘Grenadier’ 4×4 has created a stir in the SUV-dominated market. For its brand launch, with locations ranging from Iceland to Namibia, the start-up was on the lookout for an experienced supplier and automotive retail expert. The design scheme was specialised for each country and consistently required custom-made lighting solutions. During implementation, Vizona made sure the substances used conformed to the design: Visitors recognise all materials in the vehicles. And vice versa. Off-road could hardly be closer.

ArchitectInhouse INEOS
Space218 m²
LocationDielsdorf, Switzerland

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