Conception & prototyping

Did we get the details right?

Making innovative store concepts tangible

Your ideas should take shape as quickly as possible. To this end, the design concept is translated into a technical concept.

We draft plans for furniture and installations, check each furnishing element and each material in terms of its feasibility, availability and resilience. And we make proposals to show which elements could be implemented using sustainable materials.

  • We make the design tangible for you
  • Technical concept
  • Prototype construction
  • Hand samples
  • Test of form and function
  • You can experiment with the materials

We discuss the different versions, reject them, build new versions – until you are satisfied right down to the last detail.

References from conception and prototyping!

What we have already done for our clients:
Decision-making basis for a successful brand explosion 

Best Case - Conception and prototyping

More sophisticated, youthful and closer to the lifestyle of the younger generation: three concepts are available for the perfect launch of a sporty automotive brand. In the tender stage, initial ideas for the materials to be used are only roughly defined. Vizona is quick to establish that they would not be capable of transporting the desired image.

We listen very closely and gain an understanding of the brand objectives. That helps us to flesh out ideas for the materials. And we inject real storefitting passion. We perform endless experiments in the joinery and other workshops until the CI colours and envisaged materials work for all the furniture.

And the client can examine the hand samples and convince itself up close that the colour depth and haptics really work. In addition, the showroom design scheme has to be suitable for rollout. Vizona develops prototypes for each concept and assembles three model stores for the client. These are then ready to be discussed. What works and how? Where do we need to cut costs? Which details need adjusting for larger quantities?

That is the perfect basis for deciding on the final concept! And the foundation for the pending success: together, strategy and quick thinking, marketing, store design and CI-conformity lead to a veritable explosion in the new brand.

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