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From planning through to the opening date: Vizona is a German shopfitting company that realises your retail ideas reliably and on schedule.

Hand in hand with renowned brands and designers, a team of project planners, engineers and materials experts make a reality of retail space.

You benefit from…
International project teams
Shopfitting on any scale
Global implementation
… in short: your bespoke shopfitting solution!

The team realises shopfitting projects on any scale and dedicates planning and technical skill to every last detail – whether it is a flagship store on the high street, 500 stores for a global rollout or the new work environment at a company campus.

Shopfitting Automotive
Shopfitting Automotive
Shopfitting Service

Shopfitting services

Benefit in all project stages

What do you expect of your shopfitter? And how can we offer you additional support? You can basically commission Vizona to perform projects on any scale and in any timeframe.

We see to the project management and accompany you through all phases of the project, act as general contractors to coordinate the execution through to the turnkey handover. That said, we can also offer you individual technical planning, prototyping and logistics services. We take our full service promise seriously – there are no limits! 

Our references – allow yourself to be inspired

You can get to know our work in the many thousands of store and brand spaces we have now realised across the whole world. Or in the latest issue of the STAGES magazine.

Shofitting Projects
shopfitting career

Exciting projects and attractive working conditions – and all in a beautiful location. Vizona offers positions to professionals and new entrants, dual study programmes, vocational training and internships. Vizona is a place where very different professions come together:

technical project management, carpentry, logistics, wood technology, strategic procurement… here you can view our current vacancies and our trainee and student positions. And find out more about what it means to become part of our team.

shopfitting career