Value engineering

Design within budget? 

Shopfitting with twice the added value

Value engineering means that we, as your shopfitter, are the intersection between design and production.

We find and organise the most efficient means of production and implement your concept so that it also remains firmly within budget. Experience has taught us that advanced processes and a rich library of materials make even unconventional design schemes feasible. 

Our aim is for you never to have to choose between expectations and budget constraints.

  • Optimisation of logistics and order management
  • Budget precision
  • Design consistency
  • Efficient serial production
  • Advanced processes

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What we have already done for our clients:
Value engineering for a rollout across Europe

Best Case - Value Engineering

From Milan to Geneva to Glasgow: equipped with its new store design, a premium travel accessory brand sets out on a grand tour. The concept hails from the US and needs tailoring to European destinations – while also staying within budget.

That is where our value engineering journey begins! Every surface is individually devised, including bespoke construction and appealing visual axes.

Our engineers enhance the high-gloss furniture for the stores in such a way that it guarantees a sophisticated ambience. Aesthetic and equivalent alternatives are found for materials that are too costly – and these even offer functional benefits. In parallel, Vizona is able to centrally manage the logistics and installation for all fittings from its own site. This pools and reduces costs and even enables the stores to open sooner.

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