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Get your project off to a secure start with great furnishing ideas

If you like, we can help from the outset. We can lend inspiration and ideas for your shopfitting project, advise you in selecting architects’ offices or organise an effective pitch.

We can check whether the available concepts are feasible and also evaluate your digital concept. This way, we avoid corrections further down the line. And you can launch your project on a highly motivated note, secure in the knowledge that it is feasible.

  • Shop planning and shopfitting advice
  • Project planning advice
  • Feasibility checks
  • Ideas and inspiration
  • risk management

References with consulting and planning!

We have worked as shopfitting partners to brand companies and architects for decades now. And this experience is invaluable when we sit down to find answers with you to all the questions that need to be tackled before project can get started:

What value proposition will guide us? 
What concept features are needed to satisfy CI standards? 
How digital should we make it? 
Do we want to work with local architects? 
What reservations might we encounter? 
Which stakeholders should we involve in the decision-making process from an early stage? And how is their right to have a say organised if we wish to avoid being hit by their veto during the critical phase of the project? 
What internal resources do we actually need to make a success of the project? 

What we have already done for our clients:
Clear ideas – even in advance of the project 

Best Case Consulting and planning

A young e-mobility brand is preparing its market entry and looking for a shopfitter that is up to the demands of its sophisticated concept and can also help to structure the project. It is also evident that the materials planned by the design team will require great expertise in development and the subsequent installation stage.

Vizona takes up the challenge. At its introductory pitch, it already shows how the rollout can be handled in line with brand and design standards and what this would require.

Right from the start, the client has an impression of how the project will actually progress, which decisions will have to be taken when and by whom, and how the concept can be turned into reality.

The developers project team presents a library of materials tailored to the project and shows how the envisaged material specifications can be met and whether and how the furniture can actually be constructed.

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