Kronberg, Germany


Campus Kronberg just outside Frankfurt am Main is a meeting and conference centre with a new working culture. The guiding principle of the operating company Accenture: “Collaborate. Create. Recreate”. An aesthetically pleasing office environment for relaxed working. To achieve this goal, Vizona worked with architect Gregor Neidig to make creative adjustments to Visplay’s Kado shelving system and adapt it to the room structure. This led to the development of a modular design system for a total of six office spaces which could be easily applied to the partner’s planned dimensions: sofas, cloakrooms, lockers with electronic combination locks, screens and illuminated showcases for the foyer and café — all using the Kado 25 powder-coated tubing. And executed in various subtle colour codes per floor. The functional furnishings now run through the “Alpha” building and the “BETA” complex and visually link all the areas together as well as enhance the corporate interior design.

ArchitectAccenture Workplace Solutions
RolloutSingle Project
LocationKronberg, Germany

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