General contractor

How many calls to make?

One experienced partner throughout construction

The journey to the opening is often long but the timeframe short.

That is why we take responsibility for the entire construction process on request: permits, area planning, site surveys, measurements, material selection, interior finishing… if you wish, the full turnkey solution.

Above all, this includes commissioning, selecting and coordinating all specialist planners and tradespeople and supervising construction on site. The benefit: you only have to coordinate with us and can then focus on your other tasks.

  • Construction management
  • Turnkey handovers
  • Clear contact partners
  • Dry construction
  • Electrical installation
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Flooring
  • Air conditioning
  • etc.

In our role as general contractor, we prefer to bring partners to the table who we have already worked with and gained good experience with over long periods of time. 

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What we have already done for our clients:
Complete navigation for complex flagship showroom

Best Case General Contracting

An apparel manufacturer with an affinity for the great outdoors wishes to tell stories of friendship and special moments outdoors at its showroom in a major German shopping city. The tenders and plans come from the design office. The client commissions Vizona to perform all other services:

Step 1: demolition work to turn two rooms into a large hall.

Step 2: interior finishing. New floors, new electric fittings, decoration work. All aspects of the detailed design and specialist planning are handled in-house by Vizona.

Step 3: installation of the complex furniture concept. As well as product islands, this provides for lush greenery, whole real tree trunks and oversized monitor walls on the space.

Despite the large number of individual parts, challenging dimensions and room conditions, the 500 m² flagship store is launched within the scheduled timeframe.

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