Can you find a thrilling design for our showroom?

Work with the best store designers – or have your in-house drafts reviewed

Big names, offices specialising in individual sectors or secret design talents: if you are still searching for the right designers for your new retail design but have no desire to sift through thousands of addresses yourself, we can help you to find the right ones.

Designers with experience in your sector if that is what your stakeholders expect. Designers with local expertise if the brand is to be linked to the local community. Designers with exotic portfolios if your retail strategy needs a new adventure.

We can organise the pitch, presentation and discussion of the concepts. You naturally have the final word. Our job is to show you all the pros and cons.

  • A network of retail designers and architects
  • Pitch organization with pre-selection of suitable designers
  • Consulting with your design team during the design phase
  • Feasibility check of the design
  • Well-moderated roundtable, exchange between the architects and the development team

The shopfitters have ruined the store design! This prejudice is sadly not always entirely unfounded. In conventionally structured projects, participants cling to often unrealistic ideas for far too long. The shopfitters then have to reveal the unfortunate truth and this leads to rounds of strenuous corrections. It need not be this way. We can liaise with your in-house design team or the architects’ office you have selected at a very early point – ideally during the design stage.

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Best Case - Store Design

Drawing on an effective communications strategy, a fashion client prepares to launch its rollout. The aim? No less than to redefine the well-known brand.

As you can imagine, there are great expectations in the store concept and its precise implementation. The client decides not to take the common approach of passing the project to the architects and, further down the line, issuing a call for shopfitting tenders for the complete design scheme. Instead, it asks us to get involved ahead of the design process: as moderators and technical consultants.

We organise the pitch and compile a highly focused needs specification. We select the three strongest architects’ offices that are familiar with the sector and above all a good match for the in-house retail team at the client. The decision is prepared and taken. Highly motivated, the client and the winning office can then advance to the conception stage.

Vizona stays at the table throughout this process and the subsequent drafting stage. At progress meetings, it offers guidance on individual concept ideas. This close cooperation between all three players means there is no need to take the marker pen to the design scheme at a later date. And the price per square meter is also absolutely on target.

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Project Management

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