How much sustainability is possible in shopfitting?

To test this out, our CEO Oliver Arnold, who is also responsible for Supply Chain Management, and his team have launched an initiative to make our packaging process more sustainable.

For each project, we plan anew how we pack and load, and how we conserve resources in the process. But new standards have also been created:

In 2022, we started using pallets made of corrugated cardboard instead of wood in Germany. These are one hundred per cent recyclable, very easy to dispose of and much lighter.

We have also developed and tested new packaging solutions. The very first thing we did was to stop using polystyrene and instead switch to a cardboard packaging solution with our packaging suppliers.

Bubble wrap has been replaced by embossed paper.

We have also completely banned the foam chips that are used as filling material. We have invested in a cardboard shredder with which we can shred our filling material ourselves and as required.


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Finally, all adhesive tapes were switched to paper and the foil-wrapped dispatch note envelopes were replaced by glassine envelopes. We currently use boxes made from grass paper for smaller packaging.

By the way: Vizona has held the ecovadis GOLD seal since 2023.