New Journeys … lead to new destinations.

STAGES 2024 is here and uses exciting references and interviews to show which new paths are currently being taken in shopfitting.

Voyage voyage! The journey continues. And this time we may well go further. Rethink, replace, recycle, rewind… jump in, let’s go! Look forward to what the rear view reveals: new itineraries for fashion, automotive and culture.

Join us up front for new stages of mobility: from garage to meeting point to brand laboratory. Stop off at showroom revolutions and say hello to newcomers from China and Vietnam. And peek at department store upcycling and renovated catacombs.

It’s real and physical, just how we like it. But wait a moment! Does it contain traces of artificial intelligence? Well retail may dither, but we chose to dabble. And tried out some AI tools to illustrate this fifth issue of Stages. Rarely has ‘early adopting’ been such fun.

Talking of early birds, what about ‘sustainability’? Our job is to fit stores, not save the world. On that front, we can only advance together, with maximum sustainability and absolute honesty. So it’s goodbye to the plastic age. Our new favourites are cardboard and straw…

We are cosmopolitans, navigators, logisticians and team spirits: like true migrant birds as we head for the client. And you? Are you ready for an encounter? And for a new journey?

– Vizona


Oliver Arnold, CEO Vizona

Our maxim is this: re-use, reduce, recycle! That also means doing without things.

Our Co-CEO Oliver Arnold provides insights into the approaches Vizona is pursuing to make logistics processes more sustainable.

Florian Weinzierl, Head of User Relations NIO

“Blue sky coming.”

Florian Weinzierl, Head of User Relations at NIO, explains NIO’s approach to building a community around an automotive brand.

Matthias Hummel, CEO Vizona

Multiverse for car enthusiasts

Our Co-CEO Matthias Hummel explains Stellantis’ multi-brand strategy and its role in the automotive market.


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