Munich, Germany


People said you seldom saw such a mix of different people here. In the Maximilianstrasse. In Munich. The city where it all started for MCM in 1976. And now in 2019 it was the place where long-standing friends of the luxury brand came to celebrate the opening of the new store, joined by young rappers, DJs and fashion icons who now wear the brand’s outfits. It was the ninth project that Vizona built and managed for MCM as general contractor. Yet it was anything but a repetition. MCM Global Creative Officer Dirk Schönberger worked with the architecture firm Gonzalez / Haase AAS (interview on p. 48) and designed an avant-garde world of materials combining glamour, disco and fetish: latex fitting room curtains, velvet-covered pillars, polished plexiglass and anodised aluminium shelves on invisible fixing points. A challenging and cheeky collage with haptic disruptions — just as exciting in development, construction and assembly as it is for the target group’s optic nerve.

ArchitectGonzalez Haase AAS, Berlin, Germany
Space100 m²
LocationMunich, Germany

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