Moss, Norway


The first Hyundai boldly entered the European market in 1978. A lot has happened since. One of the most successful providers of e-models, the South Koreans were also the first to advance fuel cell vehicles to serial production, with today’s NEXO as the successor. “Electrified” — this
concept further visualises the technology turnaround at dealerships across Europe. The ‘Space Identity’ team at Innocean Worldwide, which is supporting Hyundai in developing and implementing its brand experience, asked Vizona to optimise the new showroom modules for the rollout: from the “Electrified Wall”, which puts e-mobility at the heart of the showroom,
to interactive info-walls offering plenty space to find out more about alternative drive systems and smart mobility. Oak slats show the thought given to creating a pleasant acoustic. The calm design all seems very approachable. As if the future has already started… at least in the Norwegian town of Moss. The next stops on the rollout route are Prague and Milan.

The task

The journey

The project team triggers the materials search and sourcing process as soon as the contract arrives. The aim is to track down the best solutions for the showroom concept – in terms of both construction and price. Another aspect the developers attend to closely is the deft integration of touchscreens, configuration tools and digital presentation surfaces. Modules are sampled in real size directly in Weil am Rhein and discussed with architect and client alike. Throughout the process, the client really values this highly personal support.

The result

Accurate to the very last detail, the CI concept implementation first sees the light of day in Moss, close to Oslo in Norway. The pilot showroom presents a calm design scheme with approachable materials and good acoustics. For the next stations on the rollout route, the transport solutions designed by Vizona also prove their worth. They make sure the modules reach their destinations safely despite their size and great weight. And Hyundai shows its appreciation, not least with a follow-up contract for its premium sub-brand GENESIS.

ArchitekturNest One, Hamburg, Deutschland
Fläche700 m²
StandortMoss, Norwegen

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