Rom, Italy


The world’s largest motorcycle producer renews its European store concept. Red and white immediately catch the eye as these colours are both Honda’s corporate colours and the national colours of Japan. At the same time, Honda shows how you can play with materials and still comply with a clear brand identity while adopting a concept geared to the riders of the various Honda models. From racing to adventure and roadster bikes, suitably stage-managed product worlds guide you through the entire family. Based on this concept, Vizona inserted different backgrounds to the basic display furniture: aluminium grilles attract adventure enthusiasts, a homely wood effect appeals to the more leisurely road type. Multimedia screens, large light boxes and high-quality vinyl flooring plus granulated carpet have also found their way into the Honda “residencies”. In addition to a showroom in Rome, another nine pilot spaces are being refurbished during the preliminary phase prior to a rollout in 200 outlets.

ArchitectFitch, London, United Kingdom (Original Concept) I Bisset Adams, London, United Kingdom (Architect)
Space620 m²
LocationRom, Italy
OpeningAugust 2019

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