Düsseldorf, Germany

Honda E

Honda e has hit the road and arrived at more than 500 showrooms in 18 countries across Europe. The Japanese manufacturer’s first fully electric small car is presented on highlight podiums engineered by Vizona. Their reduced material use and surface of just 24.5 m² nevertheless offer a few surprises. The podiums have been developed so they can be assembled by dealers themselves — kind of like at IKEA. The complete platform, including aluminium ramps, fits onto a single transport pallet. Not just that, at the prototyping meeting Vizona’s longstanding client was also attracted by the speed at which the podium can be converted from a freestandingto a wall-mounted version. To lure passers-by, a “hello” wall framed with illuminated panels provides long-distance impact. High-resolution displays on the reverse answer all of consumers’ e-mobility questions and use multimedia resources to excite their interest in the new drive systems.

ArchitectBisset Adams & Honda, London, United Kingdom
Space24,5 m²
LocationDüsseldorf, Germany

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