Düsseldorf, Germany

camel active

Life is bursting with exciting stories. Stories of freedom and friendship, stories that include special moments in the great outdoors. For camel active, Vizona literally planted this spirit into ‘Hall 29’ at Düsseldorf Showroom Center: Fifteen-foot pine trunks, lush greenery, a digitally enriched natural ambience, maritime pine for the wall and floor boards, with steel piping as goods racks and the perfect Ansorg spotlight. A contemporary stage for womenswear, menswear, shoes, bags and accessories that exude an immediately recognisable spirit of discovery. Despite large numbers of individual parts and challenging dimensions_and room conditions, the 500m² flagship showroom was designed, produced, delivered and assembled on schedule. It is the third design concept already that Vizona has turned into reality for the ‘outdoor casualwear’ brand. Ready for all those wishing to make new discoveries in the great wide world.

ArchitectPhilipp Mainzer, Frankfurt/ Main, Germany
RolloutSingle Project
Space500 m²
LocationDüsseldorf, Germany
OpeningJanuary 2020

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