Dresden, Germany


For Cadillac, pink road cruisers and the prominent 1959 tail fins are a thing of the past. Today’s angular high-performance cars can easily compete with European premium brands. And the US manufacturer’s consistent approach to showroom architecture is also a force to be reckoned with. This American design concept is now coming to Europe, with the first of a series of new dealership showrooms in Dresden, Zurich and Munich. Vizona is developing furniture exactly in line with material specifications, tailoring important details to European consumers and to culture-related differences in the customer journey.

The premium limousines and SUVs are displayed in a cleanly designed space using the highest quality materials. A separate section is dedicated to the Chevrolet performance cars with a visual language of its own. In the newly built dealership in Dresden, a specially developed virtual reality area allows customers to explore and configure vehicles. Now successfully completed, Europe is home to three turnkey showrooms that pave the way for both Cadillac Europe — and the car dealership of the future.

ArchitectPlajer & Franz studio, Berlin, Germany
Space400 m²
LocationDresden, Germany

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