New sense of space with a welcoming character and memorable value

A figurehead of Burghof Lörrach shines in new splendour

Vizona was commissioned to comprehensively renovate and completely refurbish the artists’ dressing rooms of the multi-genre theatre. The result is rooms in which the artists feel completely at ease and can prepare ideally for their performance.


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The redesign of the artists’ dressing rooms in the basement of the Burghof Lörrach is not just the realisation of individual measures, but rather the implementation of a precisely coordinated and comprehensive concept. Among other things, this includes the colour scheme of the rooms, balanced lighting and furnishing with first-class furniture.

“Our aim was to create a new sense of space with a welcoming character and memorable value,” explains Matthias Hummel, Managing Partner of Vizona. “The artist should have a positive memory of the feeling they associate with the performance and their entire stay at Burghof Lörrach.”

With the focus on the Burghof multi-genre venue, Vizona has taken the programme and genres as the main concept guideline. “The variety of genres on offer caters to a wide range of interests and emotions. It therefore represents the outstanding ID of the venue, which had to be reflected in the concept,” explains Matthias Hummel. “We have thus derived special emotional worlds from the various genres and the emotions associated with them.”

Based on these defined emotional worlds, Vizona has developed independent spatial colour concepts that run through the walls, furnishings and accessories. This resulted in rooms whose accentuated colour schemes symbolise different emotional worlds, e.g. passion was expressed through “fiery” colour accents.

Both the limited space available and the high demand for the greatest possible flexibility of use within the cloakrooms posed a particular challenge. A furnishing and colour concept was required that could give the rooms the appropriate width, changeability and cosiness.

The lighting concept with optional ambient and ambient lighting allows you to control the mood in the room and choose between functionality and warmth.

To reflect the diversity of genres in the Burghof Lörrach, each room has been given its own individual appearance within the cloakroom wing.

“This gives Burghof the opportunity to respond to the number, character and personal preferences of your guests with suitable rooms,” summarises Matthias Hummel. There are expandable group cloakrooms, solo cloakrooms and a large collective cloakroom.

To make it easier for guests to find their way around the corridor in the basement, the cloakroom doors integrated into the concept mark the way with their respective colours and names.

The artist enters a place of hospitality where the first thing they see after opening the cloakroom door is an inviting hospitality area. This serves to stage catering and the welcoming culture cultivated in the building.

The practical cloakroom area makes it easy to arrive and set up. The cosy lounge area radiates warmth and comfort. The perfect place to relax before the big performance. The spacious make-up area with comfortable seating and a large illuminated mirror system provides the necessary functionality. Here you can do your make-up in comfort and concentrate on your preparations.

The artist should experience a special warmth and cosiness during their stay, which is why great importance was attached to the choice of materials in all areas. “With this cloakroom concept, we have created a basis for an all-round feel-good experience with fond memories of Burghof Lörrach,” summarises Matthias Hummel.

The redesign of the artists’ dressing rooms, which was completed shortly before the start of the anniversary season, is very important for the Burghof, explains Managing Director and Artistic Director Timo Sadovnik. On the one hand, the rooms fulfil a practical purpose, but at the same time they are also a creative environment for the artists who prepare for their performances here.

“We have high standards when it comes to the services we offer our audience, our hire customers and, last but not least, our artists,” says Sadovnik. “The new artists’ dressing rooms offer a professional environment, flexibility in practical implementation and are simply fun,” summarises the Burghof’s Artistic Director. He also emphasises the wide range of options now available to the Burghof team. This is because the rooms can be staged in a variety of ways according to the respective requirements.

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