Düsseldorf, Germany


The perfect symbiosis

It was one of the highlights at Euroshop 2020: ‘Shared Spaces’, the exhibition stand for Ansorg, Visplay and Vizona, unites expertise from three companies and four sectors in bold and unusual combinations. Beauty and mobility come together in a “scent bar”. In ‘Shared Functions’, on the other hand, eye-tracking is used to detect the customer’s state of mind, with the findings being factored into the driving simulation in the automotive section and the lighting ambience in the interactive fashion changing room. ‘Shared Products’ takes the sector mix an imaginative step forward toward sustainability — with a hanging garden that contains herbs for food and beauty articles and with a vertical mushroom farm that presents the new organic ingredient for food and fashion alike. These numerous innovations were jointly devised with Kemmler & Kemmler and then designed and installed by Vizona, in some cases with only a sketch to go by. And the result? Nearly 1000 m² of inspiration for tomorrow’s retail symbioses.

IndustryAutomotive, Cosmetics, Fashion, Food
ArchitectKemmler Kemmler, Berlin, Germany
RolloutSingle Project
Space918 m²
LocationDüsseldorf, Germany
OpeningFebruary 2020

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