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Our services are as diversified as our customer portfolio. From location scouting and concept pitch to assembly and opening: Vizona designs projects as joint development experiences. Our customers book us for 'full service' or individual services for briefing, design, planning and implementation. And for every project scope and time frame.

Implementation consulting

We prefer to be there right from the start: We can assist with the pitch and advise you on the tender, check the feasibility of the concept and evaluate your digital concept. Decades of partnerships with brands and architects help us to find the answers to all your questions. This way, we can manage the risks from the very beginning and you can start safely, motivated and confident into your project.

What you get: project organisation, feasibility studies, inspiration.
Fast track prototyping

Your ideas should take shape as quickly as possible. Become tangible. That’s why our 3D team goes into the fast lane and gives you samples and prototypes early in
the project lifecycle. You can test form & function and experiment with the materials. We discuss the variants, reject, rebuild... until you are completely happy with every detail.

What you get: prototype construction, hand samples, material experience.
Engineering to budget

You don’t have to choose between expectations and budget. We implement your concept in such a way that it also fits within a fixed budget. With advanced manufacturing processes and a large material library, even unconventional designs are possible. In addition, we optimise logistics, order management and plan production efficiently. In this way we achieve the best possible prices and remain true to design and quality.

What you get: budget accuracy, design conformity, series production.
Manufacturing & Sourcing

We like impressive yet safe products and therefore have your furniture manufactured at audited, highly specialised partners — for any desired volume. Qualified buyers and certified suppliers help us to find even the most bespoke solutions and to procure rare materials. Our final quality inspection does not miss a beat.

What you get: Large series, one-off productions, quality assurance.
International rollout management & Logistics

We send design solutions on a safe journey: Vizona supports and is responsible for rollouts with a global reach. We coordinate quality inspections, pre-assemblies, commissioning, and dispatch from our own logistics centre in Weil am Rhein. Even for fast paced launches on the other side of the world. Our unique selling point for long-term largescale projects: we can store all your components and organise prompt subsequent deliveries.

What you get: Rollout, central warehouse, fast availability.
General contracting

It is often a long journey to the opening, but only a short time. That’s why we take responsibility for the entire construction process on request: permits, area planning, site surveys, measurements, material selection, interior finishing ... if you wish, the full turnkey solution. This includes above all the appointment, selection and coordination of all contractors. The effect: You only have to coordinate with us and can concentrate on your other tasks.

What you get: Construction management, turnkey projects, free head
On-site installation

The opening date is inviolable. To keep it that way, we coordinate all assembly work for you. Globally. With our own teams and external partners, whom we have known for many years and who perform reliable work from furniture assembly to staging. If you wish, a supervisor can also coach professional assembly workers of your choice. In any case, we guarantee quality until the keys are handed over on time.

What you get: Assembly, reordering, manuals
The extra mile

We like to go a little further. And before, during and after the creation of the areas we remain on call for all eventualities: What has to be done will be done. You should only pay what your project needs exactly. With these flexible service modules, you have the choice:

• site Survey
• store audits and reports
• prototyping on own areas

• mock-ups
• customer-oriented floor space planning
• Implementation planning in 3D

• repair service and maintenance
• uncomplicated reordering in the e-shop
• assembly, operating and maintenance instructions
• ...

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.
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