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Vizona's strength derives from a combination of market know-how, technical expertise and international presence: Vizona implements store concepts for retailers and brands across the globe. The company's focused project teams work closely with customers and architects. Vizona's competitive edge is heightened by the use of an efficient network of supply chain partners.

Experience: Designed by history
Vizona, as we know it today, was formed in 2001 and bundles decades of experience in the realisation of retail ideas and spaces for its clients. Now we are known as a specialist partner both for designers and owners of convincing brand worlds.
International supplier network: Global partnerships
Our world revolves around your business and no matter where, we will be there at once. Vizona has implemented projects in over 100 countries and offers an almost unlimited selection of materials – thanks to our international network of suppliers.
Sustainability: Dear nature . . .
We help our clients design and build sustainably: recyclable building materials, a production in compliance with all principles of environmental law and suppliers selected according to ecological criteria. By the way, Vizona already met the EU’s CO2 targets for 2020 ten years before.
Customer-specific teams: Your team
Only common passion can create valuable and unconventional places. This is why at Vizona we work in client-specific teams and create a transparent exchange with customers as well as creative people. Experienced and consistent project and account managers are the link between us and our clients.
Industry expertise
What do cars and sneakers have in common? Vizona is hired as an expert by very different industries and uses this advantage to help them learn from and with each other. We pay attention to synergies and trends, integrate this knowledge into our concept consulting and actively help share the transformation of brand and service worlds.
Crafted with care
Vizona’s entire production is handled by audited, highly specialised partners who use advanced, resource-saving technologies and manufacture in accordance to all aspects of environmental law.
Logistics: Rollin' out
Vizona coordinates the full spectrum of processes in an own logistics facility: goods receiving, quality assurance, warehousing, assembly, picking, packing and dispatch. Excellent product quality is guaranteed for all project volumes. Vizona implements small rollouts as well cost-efficient large-scale production runs.